Westminster Hebrew Morphology (WHM) / Westminster Leningrad Codex (WLC) 4.18 Released (6/2013)!

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In early June (2013) the Groves Center released version 4.18 of the Westminster Leningrad Codex (WLC) and the Westminster Hebrew Morphology (WHM or “MORPH”).

(The WLC is the text of the WHM, but the WHM includes additional information, namely the dictionary “lemma” and morphological analysis or “parsing” for each word.)

Compared to the previous release (WHM 4.16), the WHM 4.18 has 41 sets of lemma changes, 85 sets of parsing changes, 16 textual changes with an associated change in bracket notes, the addition of the bracket note “]n” (which designates an unusual or unexpected form) to almost 100 words, 24 other changes to bracket notes, 5 other textual changes, and 5 changes to morphological slashes and/or word divisions.  Changes to the text are to make the WHM and the WLC conform to the text of the Hebrew Bible found in the Leningrad Codex.

Corrections to parsings and lemmas are usually done in consultation with HALOT (Koelher, Baumgartner, and Stamm, third edition), though we sometimes disagree with HALOT.

For MORPH 4.18 we reviewed our text of Judges against the Leningrad Codex for all textual errors cited by the apparatus of the sixth fascicle of BHQ (Judges).  All of our existing textual bracket notes in the books for which BHQ has been published (The Megilloth, Ezra-Nehemiah, Deuteronomy, Proverbs, the Twelve Minor Prophets, and Judges) were reviewed against the text of BHQ.

The WLC version 4.18 can be viewed in Unicode at http://www.tanach.us.

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